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We are a multimedia production company that has spent nearly 5 years creating fan-made content for the LEGOTM BIONICLETM toy line. We are well known on BZPower, but we would like other visitors to find us too. To take a look at what we have to offer, check out the Games section. Everything you find in there is available to the public for free.

Also be sure to keep up with updates regarding our projects. The Cyan Team thanks you for visiting!

New Prototype Video

It's been a long time coming, but I finally have a new video to show off! It's nothing special and I can't say that this took too many man-hours, but what's in the video is actually the foundation that I need in order to build this new game. 

Mata Zuto 3D: Prototype Video 02

This video shows our progress for the Action Battle System we are working on. In our other RPGs, exploration and combat were on two separate areas of the game. Now, both are put into one, making the gameplay much more smooth and realistic.

Go to to learn more.

Mata Zuto 3D: Prototype Video 01

This is the first Infux-related video released by Cyan Productions, a BZPower-based multimedia production company. We have many games under our belt, based on the LEGO BIONICLE(TM) franchise.

This video shows character movement in the new engine being used for this game: Unity3D!

New Year! New Updates!

Since the year has begun, I have done some renovations to the Cyan Productions BZPower topic. That's not really something that would concern you unless you're a member there. However, something you may care about is the location of the old Cyan Productions website. The original links Mata Zuto and Star Tohunga sites were down before, but are now back up, and the Cyan website can be accessed through the usual URL, but with the /ar at the end.

Archived News (2010)

12/30/10: The Star Tohunga series has unfortunately been discontinued. Legend of Mata Zuto 3: Influx is still in progress. However, some retooling will be in place.


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